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Twisting further into Twitter

June 10, 2016 - Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter - , , ,

It’s time to take another look at Twitter.

We’ve already reported on the recent news that Twitter may be extending its 140 character limit, but whatever happens, we think it will remain important to be clear and concise whenever possible. The beauty of Twitter is the way you can be part of so many conversations at once, and once you start writing longer and longer, there’s a very good chance your statuses will be glanced over rather than read. And who wants that?

For the rest of the post we’re going to make two assumptions: 1) that you know why Twitter matters, and 2) that you have an active, regularly used Twitter account for your business (and if you don’t, read the link in 1) and sort it out).

As you know, there are lots of different ways to use Twitter to promote your work, from posting about special offers to responding to customer queries to reaching out to new clients. You know how to post and even how to have fun posting, but is there a more intelligent way to do it? Perhaps your thinking is now turning to strategy.

We think a really good way to make the most of Twitter (or any form of social media, really), is to print out a calendar for the year ahead and highlight any chunks of time that are either important to your business or that your business can capitalise on.

Do people buy teachers’ gifts from you in July? Christmas cakes in December? Do clients need their tax returns worked on in the autumn? Air con fixed in summer, boilers fixed in winter?

Anticipate when people are going to look for, or might need reminding of, your services, and then go ahead and blow your own trumpet on those dates. It may sound obvious but when you’re busy the seasons can pass by surprisingly quickly. A plan ensures nothing is forgotten.

Also check out your local community’s event calendar, if there is such a thing, and add key dates into your planner. Some areas run regular festivals, markets and so on that you could tap into, whether through sponsorship, competitions or taking a stall, and there will be several ways to cross-promote whatever you do on social media. ‘Heading into town for the @YourTown gala today? Make sure to visit us at 77 the High Street’

Following on from this, when you follow accounts from your local community, make sure you do engage with them. Figure out who your allies are. These might be people who are not necessarily in the same line of business, but those who might share your interests. Perhaps you’re all on the same street that needs more footfall, or all concerned about the new hotel being built, or landlord rates or what have you. You can support and build each other up. Get them to mention you and vice versa to build up follower numbers.

As for your competitors, they can come in handy too. Have a proper look at their profiles and check out their ‘Tweets and replies’. Put their @ name into the search bar and see how many people are reaching out to them. Have a good think – what are they doing better at, and why? Is there anything you can learn?

If you’re interested in analysis, Twitter has a lot to offer. Click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner, then select Analytics from the menu.

On the Analytics home page you will be able to see an overview of the last 28 days, looking at whether Tweets, Tweet impressions, Profile visits and so on, are up or down. Your top Tweet and top Mention are highlighted too. On the Tweet page you can look at this information in more detail.

Under the Audience tab you can see how much your followers have grown by, what their interests are, their gender, phone carrier, even their household income. This isn’t going to interest everyone, but if you have the time there’s an awful lot you can learn by examining the patterns in what’s gone before.

So keep Tweeting, but plan more, think more, and you’ll start to see a better return from it.

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