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London Marathon

To run or not to run? What a stupid question!

April 20, 2016 - 155Creative News, Running, Willow - , , ,

For all those running this weekends London marathon – Good luck! A memory that will stay with me forever.

First there comes the excitement…and lots of it…
“A marathon place?!
And at first you can’t stop talking about it…This doesn’t seem so bad after all, in fact I feel great, a 20 minute run after work-I feel energised, I feel fit, I feel free!

You also swear that you will not be one of those people that bring up marathon training every 5 minutes. …but yes, you become that (boring!) person.

Why did I do this?
You then realise that this ‘marathon training’ may have taken over your life. All of a sudden you plan every… single… thing around marathon training.

Sleep, work, eat, repeat.

“All the gear… and no idea… and so the journey begins.”

You can’t stop eating. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

This is mistaken as ‘fun’ until you actually realise if you don’t eat anything and everything under the sun…YOU… WILL… CRY!

The commitment
You are officially unable to commit to anything without checking your training schedule…The parties (gone), the meals out (sober), the evening events (even more sober)…gone…without a trace (of alcohol!)

I… am… always… running!
If someone told you last year that you would be running 30 plus miles a week you would have fallen off your chair (that you were perfectly comfortable sitting in before you had this ridiculous idea!)

I want my weekends back!
You will miss Sunday morning freedom (and afternoon freedom as your runs will take you that long!) and training dominates your every…living…moment!

You will question why you committed to this, every… damn… day.

Race day – this is it!
Ignore points 1-6 (!)

This will quite honestly be the most exhilarating, memorable, emotional thing you will EVER do.

Embrace it…challenge it…then reflect on it.
You are a part of only 1% of the UK population (650,000 people) who will run a marathon in their lifetime). That leaves 99% of the population who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t run one. Now how is that not an achievement for those of us who have?

You are amazing – good luck!

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