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The Future For iPad Art

February 24, 2016 - Art, Design, Digital, Digital Design, iPad Art - , , , ,

Guest blogger Alex Bearnes takes a look at the iPad Pro and its welcome introduction…

As technology develops and the graphics and speeds increase on the iPad, so do the software options and art apps available. The recent release of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is a big step forward, not just because Apple have increased the size of the iPad and created a unique stylus, but the advances in technology and thought that has gone into this product for professional artists and illustrators.

I have been using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil since November and I have to say that I am very impressed. The increased screen size jumping from 9.7 inches to a massive 12.9 inches is very welcome from a drawing point of view, giving you more freedom of movement. The highlight though is the Apple Pencil which feels just like using a real pencil. It’s very responsive, whereas some styluses on the market can suffer slight lag when moving on the screen. Luckily with the Apple Pencil there is virtually zero lag and latency, it keeps up with some of the most rigorous movements.

Some really nice new features include the use of a ruler in certain apps which you can move in to position with two fingers. The angles are shown on the screen as you navigate it, which could be very useful when drawing in perspective. Also when the Apple Pencil touches the screen it scans its signal at a crazy 240 times per second giving it twice the information it normally collects when using your finger.

“With the Apple Pencil there is virtually zero lag and latency, it keeps up with some of the most rigorous movements”

Another great feature that artists like myself have commented on is the tapered end to the pencil with its fully sensitive tip shaped like a traditional pencil. Again a lot of styluses out there feature a more rounded chunky tip which isn’t as realistic and can hide the line you are drawing. The Apple Pencil is tilt and pressure sensitive enabling you to shade very realistically, the whole experience feels very natural and very close to drawing with pencil on paper without getting smudge marks on your palm!

To find out more about Alex and his iPad art, workshops, exhibitions and commissions contact albearne@googlemail.com or visit https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Alcanioart

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