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Twisting further into Twitter

June 10, 2016 - Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter

It’s time to take another look at Twitter. We’ve already reported on the recent news that Twitter may be extending its 140 character limit, but whatever happens, we think it will remain important to be clear and concise whenever possible. The beauty of Twitter is…

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Can Pinterest work for your business?

September 9, 2015 - Marketing, Pinterest, Social Media, Social Networking

The name gives it away – Pinterest is all about creating a set of virtual pinboards. In other words, it’s a bookmarking tool. It enables people to save the web ‘stuff’ they like for later in one convenient place, by using a Pinterest browser button….

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What is Instagram?

August 5, 2015 - Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking

At first glance, Instagram isn’t the most obvious business tool out of the top social media networks. It’s all pictures, isn’t it? Well, yes. And pictures truly can be worth more than a thousand words. Instagram gives you a brand new audience, more visually orientated,…

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The business benefits of Facebook

July 9, 2015 - Facebook, Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking

You either have a Facebook account, or you’re one of those people who thinks avoiding it is taking a stand against ‘following the herd’. But let’s face it, whether or not you’re not on Facebook, nearly everyone you know will be. And consumers expect that…

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