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Responsive Websites

May 21, 2015 - Responsive Website Design, Web Design, Web Design in Hertford - , ,

What sort of device are you reading this on? A laptop? At your desk, reading the words on a huge display? Or, even more likely – you’ve got a smartphone or tablet in your hand and you’re thumbing through your feed with a cup of tea in the other hand.

Mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop Internet usage in 2015. In fact, 80% of Internet users own a Smartphone and use it to access the Internet regularly.

It’s estimated that by end of 2015, the number of Internet users worldwide will have soared up to 3 billion meaning 42% of the world population will be connected, a massive increase from 17.6% in 2006.

You only have to look around to see this reality with vast swathes of people deep in concentration, thumb swiping and scrolling, immersed in the world their phones provide. For those of us who grew up before this thumb bruising time we can remember when people on trains actually spoke to each other,  when the phrase LOL would have been met with blank expressions and when people in the pub were able to engage in a debate without someone whipping out a phone and answering the pointless, but all important question, within 5 seconds!

This is now the reality we live in and many businesses have identified the need to cater for mobile and tablet users but have STILL made no moves to cater for it. If you are one of those you should be concerned!

Users are now so expectant of websites being mobile and tablet friendly that they will instantly click elsewhere if the site doesn’t meet their needs. They are spoilt by information being readily available at the end of their finger tips. They want and expect the required information quickly and do not have the time and patience to wait anymore.

At 155 Creative we understand the demands of a website and the users interaction with them. In fact we now only produce websites that are ‘responsive’ (work across desktop and repurpose themselves for mobile and tablet automatically).

Often the first step in designing a new site for a client is first considering the design for mobile before desktop. A process that 15 years ago would have been totally alien to designers!

If you have read this and are now thinking, ‘I don’t think my site is responsive’ then get in touch. The quicker you switch the better and the stronger your business becomes.