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Pretty vs Practical Websites

June 16, 2015 - Web Design, Web Design in Hertford, Websites - , , , ,

Before you even speak to a design agency (155 Creative obviously!!) ask yourself this, what is the goal of your website? If the goal of your site is to just look good compared to your competition, then ‘pretty’ might be the way to go and you can measure the effectiveness of the site by how many ‘oohs’ you receive from friends and family (however, they won’t be the most honest market research group remember!).

It’s a common mistake, especially for start up businesses in a competitive market, to expect your pretty website to generate cash, drive traffic, engage with people on anything other than a superficial level or to have a huge return of clicks or visitors if all it can offer is prettiness.

There has always been (and will probably remain) a conflict between the advantages of good looking (pretty) websites and the short-term brutality of needing an investment return and direct response from your site. That is something at 155 Creative we understand fully. After all, what is the point of having a website if it doesn’t deliver the content well, clearly display your niche in the market or generate business leads?

Think about the websites you regularly return to on a daily basis. What do they offer you? News, money advice, gossip, recipes, information, events? Why do you return to them when there are always multiple sites supplying the same information? It’s not only because the content they supply is good but also the ease at which you navigate around the site and find the content you require. A balance of good design (pretty) and great content.

Everything above sound obvious and straightforward so far? Great… that being the case, which font gives your site the best balance? How do you get your SEO right so your site appears top of the Google search? What is SEO? Why shouldn’t you produce a website on a black or dark background? What is Google? (If you are asking that last question we aren’t sure you should be considering a website!)

Being aware of the balance needed to create a good working website that not only looks good but drives a return on investment no matter the industry, is where 155 Creative come in. We understand this conflict and even if you don’t we will work with you every step of the way. We don’t pretend to be experts in your market, we are the experts in delivering your content in the right way, making sure it looks its best and has navigation capabilities that has users returning for more on desktops, tablets and phones.

Speaking of tablets and phones, is your current website responsive? If your site isn’t responsive we 100% guarantee you’ll be losing hundreds and hundreds of visitors by the day.

What is responsive you ask? We’ll answer that in our next blog…..