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iPad Art: The modern day Etch A Sketch

January 20, 2016 - Art, Design, Digital, Digital Design, iPad Art - , , ,

In the first of our guest blogger columns we speak to Alex Bearne, professional iPad artist from Hertfordshire. He lets us into the tricks of the trade, the secrets behind his success and what it’s like to paint the non traditional style…

Art was my favourite subject at school which I studied at GCSE and A’level. I had stuck to the more traditional methods of painting and drawing until April 2012 when I got my hands on the iPad 3. Previously it hadn’t occurred to me that the iPad could be utilised as a tool to produce artwork and subsequently something I would later rely on to create the vast majority of my art.

What caught my attention was an article about David Hockney painting on his iPhone and iPad. He is one of our great British painters who is renowned for experimenting with different mediums and tools to create his work and he is now using the Brushes app on the iPad to paint. What struck me the most was the similarity between his work on canvas and the iPad. Pictured side by side in the newspaper article, it looked fantastic. I knew I had to try this!

“Previously it hadn’t occurred to me that the iPad could be utilised as a tool to produce artwork”

The first thing I remember was looking at the 9.7 inch screen and thinking how I could draw on this size screen? I opened the Brushes app and had fun applying colours to the digital canvas, zooming in and out by pinching and separating two fingers, I remember it just being a fun experience. I guess it helped having a background in art and design but I had to adjust to using a finger or stylus on the screen as opposed to a pencil or brush on paper or canvas. Something I really liked about the Brushes app was its simplicity and basic settings which allowed me to get colour down very quickly with pleasing results.

Shortly after this, I joined a couple of online iPad art groups through Facebook and found it fantastic to see other people all over the world discovering this medium too. I was very impressed and inspired by the work I saw especially from the art scene in the USA. I made a note of some of the artists and browsed through their work taking note of the apps they used and the techniques they applied. This really gave me the push I needed to explore the medium further.

The number one reason why I paint is for my own satisfaction and being able to create pieces that other people enjoy and can relate to. I sell my work through the Etsy store under my artist name AlcanioArt, as well as producing bespoke commissions for clients, businesses and galleries. I also hold iPad art workshops where I teach the young and the old the skills to be able to paint their own pieces using this great technology.

To find out more about Alex and his iPad art, workshops, exhibitions and commissions contact albearne@googlemail.com or visit www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Alcanioart

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