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How Graphic Designers Influence Your Business

May 10, 2016 - 155Creative News, Design, Graphic Design, Logo & Corporate Identity, Responsive Website Design, Web Design, Web Design in Hertford, Websites - , , , , ,

As Graphic designers we are simply the guys who create your business cards, brochures, logos, leaflets, websites, stationery, digital marketing, event signage, videos and many other products used for your marketing right?

Well if it was really that simple then why do MDs, CEOs, Marketing Directors and Sales invest so much time and effort in making sure these elements are correct and what they are looking for.

Here are 3 points to digest when considering how graphic designers can develop your business and help it grow…

Creating the correct Identity
New and established businesses need assistance from tailored marketing tools and it all begins with your logo. Good graphic designers understand the importance of this identity in delivering the correct impression to potential clients and partners in print, digital and social media platforms. If the logo delivers a good business message, it goes a long way in creating an identity for your business and helps you stand out from your competition.

The logo design becomes your business’s identity. If your logo, designed correctly, is a memorable one, audiences can remember your business every time they glance it.

The same can be said for a well-designed business card, brochure, website, print advert, digital advert, event signage or any marketing material. It not only introduces your company to the clients but leaves a lasting impression on them. They have a good impression about your company due to the design of the different elements. All of these carefully crafted elements come together to deliver the impression and message you are trying to convey.

Deliver Your Business Message
A business message is crucial to your company’s growth and development. While you know the message, the problem with many businesses is how to convey that to your audience. What is the point in having a message if you fail to deliver it to your audience. Exactly where graphic designers can help you out.

Communicating with people through design is an art that designers are masters of. Elements such as fonts and colours are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conveying a clients marketing message. Whenever customers see a logo or any other collateral, they should recognise your company.

Help You Build New Markets
Businesses depend a lot on designers to make an impression on their consumers.

With the help of designers, businesses can build new customers and new markets. To fulfil the customers’ needs, designers incorporate the latest design trends. These trends keep the customers interested in your products.

Designers know how to tailor marketing elements for your target market, producing different ideas and products depending on the market. They research your market well before creating any digital or print literature.

Let us know the impact design has on your business. Alternatively if you need help with any aspect of your company’s design contact us info@155creative.co.uk or call 01992 275626. We look forward to hearing from you.