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Facebook Page Insights explained

August 25, 2016 - 155Creative News, Facebook, Social Media, Social Networking - , , , ,

If you’ve started using Facebook for your business (see our previous Facebook blog – The business benefits of Facebook) then you may be wondering how to measure how well you’re doing.

Luckily Facebook gives you a wealth of data for absolutely nothing through Facebook Page Insights. All you need is the time and energy to absorb it – learn what your fans like to read and use that information to gain more business.

So where do you find all of this? Log into Facebook and navigate to your business page. Click ‘Insights’ on the bar at the top.

You’re taken to an ‘Overview’ page, with a left-hand column as follows:
Page views
Actions on Page

Overview gives you a quick snapshot of your Likes over the last seven day period (you can change it to today, yesterday, last seven days or last 28).

There’s also a chart for your most recent posts, showing what type they were (eg photo, status or link), their reach (how many people saw it) and engagement (how many people went on to click or share it).

‘Pages to Watch’ is interesting – it enables you to add competitor pages to a list so you can compare them to your own. Pick carefully and the results are fascinating. We used this tool to look at two pages in the plumbing industry. Plumbing Company A had 2k likes, while Plumbing Company B only had 300. But Page A had only put up one post in the last week, which had three people engaging with it. Page B had written four posts, engaged thirty users, and its overall likes had shot up too. A perfect example of how you shouldn’t build up your Facebook page and then get complacent. Keep reaching for more or your competitors will instead.

This is getting quite lengthy already, so here’s a quick explanation of the other ‘Insights’:

Likes: Your likes over time, their growth, and ‘unlikes’. You can also see where these Likes are happening – usually it will be on your page, but it could also be from a ‘Page suggestions’ box that sometimes crop up in feeds.

Reach: ‘Reach’ is the number of people a post was served to. This section shows the numbers, alongside what portion of the reach was organic or paid for. It also has numbers of likes, comments and shares.

Page views: Here you can look at number of views, who is viewing (with demographic data such as age/gender/location), and where they are coming from to get to your page. Facebook itself and your own website should be the main sources – but is there anything else interesting in there? Perhaps a site you didn’t know was linking to you?

Actions on Page: This shows exactly how users are interacting with your page – ie how many of them are clicking things like ‘get directions,’ ‘phone number’, ‘website’, and any Call to Action buttons that you’ve made.

Posts: Prepare to spend some time here. The bar at the top is split into ‘When Your Fans Are Online’, ‘Post Types’, and ‘Top posts from Pages you watch’. The first’, as expected, shows the time of day that your fans are online. It might surprise you – are you posting when people are around to see it? You can also check the reach of all of your posts here. ‘Post Types’ digs down into the success of different update styles. ‘Top posts from Pages you watch’ shows the engagement levels from the top posts of any competitors you are watching.

Video: Detailed info on your video views, and top videos. Of course you have to post videos now and then to see anything here!

People: Unsurprisingly, this tells you more about the people who like your page – what country or city they’re from, what language they speak and their gender.

If all of this isn’t enough for you, go back to the Insights home page. The word ‘Export’ should be in bold on the right at the top. Press that and you can download all of this, choosing your metrics, date range and file format, so that you can roll around in data all night if you want to.

Maybe you shouldn’t go that far. But explore the Insights section and decide what is useful for your business. Check that you’re posting at the right time of day and what sort of post prompts the most engagement. See what your competitors are doing, and then try and beat them at their own game.

Doesn’t it feel good? Much nicer than putting an advert in a local paper and getting next-to-no feedback on it.

Happy Facebooking.

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